L.A. Dance Shorts Film Festival: Virtual and Free!

Lovers of both dance and film can enjoy the 4th Annual L.A. Dance Shorts Film Festival from home this year on November 13th thru November 15th. The 2020 program features 34 international films, all FREE, but viewers can support the festival by purchasing a T-shirt.

There will be two Q&A sessions on Zoom with the filmmakers, moderated by Festival Directors Nicole Manoochehri and Olivia Mia Orozco. Be sure to vote for your favorite film for the Audience Choice Award.

Check out the list of films below and register to watch:

Program 1 – November 13th

“For The Time Being” – Directed by Heidi Duckler (United States)
“BEEHIVE (do you want me to bee)” – Directed by Luigi Coppola (Italy)
“A Hard Day’s Night” – Directed by Benjamin Hoffman & Mathieu Mondoulet (France)
“Breath In” – Directed by Melissa Barak (United States)
“Alive” –  Directed by Carissa Dorson (United States)
“Liminality” – Directed by Jennifer Akalina Petuch & Annali Rose (United States)
“Underground” – Directed by Jun Bae (United States)
“Røtter” – Directed by Raven Jackson (United States)
“EGO” – Directed by Dan ‘danidge’ Lowenstein (United Kingdom)
“Dreams of Waking” – Directed by Aeric Meredith-Goujon (United States)
“The Bull | El Toro” – Directed by Audrey Bow (Canada)
“NILYNDA” – Directed by Jill Crovisier (Luxembourg)
“Atena/Nets” – Directed by Mark Freeman (Ghana/United States)
“Golden” – Directed by Kate Mitchell (United States)
“Control” – Directed by Saemi Kwak (Korea)
“daydreaming” – Directed by Peter Litwinowicz (United States)
“Teorema” – Directed by Massimiliano Bomba (United States)

Program 2 – November 14th

“Collective Loss” – Directed by Alyssa Thompson (United States)
“Toporzeł” – Directed by Iwona Pasińska (Poland)
“OLHE-SE (Look at Yourself)” – Directed by Ilana Paterman Brasil (Brazil)
“WAKE” – Directed by Katie Beard & Naomi Turner (United Kingdom)
“Between the Lines” – Directed by Jen Guy Metcalf (United States)

“Making Men” – Directed by Antoine Panier (Belgium)
“She” – Directed by Adele Thomas (Canada/United States)
“Apple” – Directed by Jiang Xiong (China)
“The Sum Of All Parts” – Directed by Lukas Timulak & Peter Bilak (Netherlands)
“Y’U, had things to do in the other world” – Directed by Joyce Islas, Mariana Fernández, Julio López & Sebastián Rojo (Mexico)
“WEARNHEM” – Directed by Alberto Villanueva & Jurrien Schobben (Netherlands)
“Traces” – Directed by Alex Murrull (Spain)
“AGON” – Directed by Manuel Nogueira (Brazil)
“Burden” – Directed by Lawrence Fung (United States)
“Claim” – Directed by Keely Song (United States)
“Fragments” – Directed by Can Heinrich Toepffer (Germany)
“The Grid (collab)” – Directed by Jeffrey Prioleau (United States)

Filmmaker Q&A via Zoom for Program 1 – November 14th @ 2 pm (PDT)

Filmmaker Q&A via Zoom for Program 2 – November 15th @ 2 pm (PDT)

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