The Rundown: The Week in Brief 10/09/20

Photo by Brian Donnelly

Trump is a Smashing Success!!!

Early in the morning last Friday it was reported that a person in a Hulk Costume was wielding a pickaxe and attacking the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star of Donald Trump. It would be weirder if that particular block of Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Graumann’s/Mann’s Chinese Theater wasn’t a gathering place for people dressed as superheroes to pose with tourists. This is the third time the star has been damaged so badly it needed to be replaced, in addition to constant defacing with blood, excrement and swastikas. Source

Domestic Terrorists Arrested For Plot Against Michigan Government

Thirteen violent extremists have been arrested this week in Michigan, six facing charges in federal court for a plot to kidnap Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer and seven charged in state court for planning to charge the state capital. The police say the two groups were working together, railing against Governor Whitmer’s authority — she has been criticized by Trump and other Republicans for her statewide restrictions in response to Covid-19 — and plotting other violent acts. The seven men intending to charge the capital are members of a paramilitary group that annoyingly calls itself the Wolverine Watchmen. Source. – Simone Snaith

Seven CA Regal Cinemas to Remain Open Despite Company Shutdown

Deadline has reported that seven Regal Cinemas theaters, all based in California, will remain open, though the rest of the 600+plus theaters owned by the UK-based Cineworld, has temporarily shuttered. The Regal California locations that will remain in business are the Irvine Spectrum, Carlsbad, Manchester 16 (in Fresno), La Habra, Temecula, Riverside Plaza, and Delta Shores in Sacramento. All seven are relatively new Regal theaters, and all located outside Los Angeles, where movie theaters are not open for business. Cineworld announced the closure of its 663 theaters in the United States and Britain in early October; both territories account for 90% of Cineworld’s revenue, according to the “New York Times”. The delayed release of major studio features like the new James Bond film, “No Time to Die,” and Disney/Marvel’s “Black Widow,” to 2021, as well as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s decision to keep movie theaters closed in the Empire State, were cited as factors in Cineworld’s decision to close its American/UK theaters. In addition to the seven Regal theaters that avoided the shutdown, Deadline provided a list of California movie theaters currently in operation, which includes the AMC in Thousand Oaks, the Cinemark Riverpark in Oxnard, Cinemark Century in downtown Ventura, and the Paseo Camarillo Cinema. – Paul Gaita

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