Support Local Restaurants: “12 Days of Takeout”

12 Days of Takeout.

Every day we’re hearing about LA restaurants closing their doors due to the pandemic. Want to help keep your favorite spots open? If you can, support our local restaurant industry by participating in “12 Days of Takeout,” a grassroots holiday season campaign aimed at keeping indie restaurants and bars open while helping to feed essential workers.

Continuing through December 23, “12 Days of Takeout” encourages us to order takeout from our most-loved independent eateries. Make a list of the ones you’d be most upset to see go under (sadly, over 100,000 US eateries closed during the first six months of Covid) and try to order from them this holiday season. In addition, you can take photos of these meals and post with the hashtag #12DaysofTakeout to help get the word out to your friends and family.

The campaign is partnered with the Latino Restaurant Association and its Feed Frontline Program. The program supplies free meals to healthcare workers, in addition to restaurant owners and workers who are currently struggling due to Covid.

More info on “12 Days of Takeout” can be found here.

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