The Cold Brew Coffee That Boosts Brain Function

Pivot Coldbrew. Images by Karin E. Baker for The LA Beat.

Cold brew coffee keeps gaining in popularity as people realize that the process — soaking coffee beans in cold water for hours, rather than a quick brew with hot H2o — results in a smoother cup of java. LA-based company Pivot Coldbrew improves on your basic cold brew with the addition of natural ingredients that enhance cognitive function.

The creation of LA entrepreneur David Stroud, Pivot Coldbrew is made from locally-roasted beans combined with nootropics and adaptogens that boost the brain while helping to fight stress. For people who don’t care to buy coffee making equipment, the fact that this tasty functional coffee comes ready to drink is a big plus.

“All energy isn’t created equal,” David told me. Though its caffeine level is similar to other coffees, Pivot was created “to extend the life of the energy we get from coffee,” thanks to enhancements like reishi mushroom and other adaptogens. Long used in Eastern medicine, reishi helps the immune system and boosts energy by lessening fatigue and reducing stress. “It brings us back to balance and lessens adrenal fatigue.” Galanga, meanwhile, is a nootropic known to sharpen focus and enhance brain function. “This coffee has an energy stack of quality ingredients.”

Pivot comes in five flavors: Laid Back Black, Harmonious Vanilla, Perfectly Sweet, Fearless Black, and Rejuvenating Ginger. All are created with quality natural ingredients. The sweetened flavors, made with real sugar, are mildly sweet, nut sugar bombs. None have more than 40 calories or more than 7 grams of sugar.


As you might suspect, the most surprising variety is the Rejuvenating Ginger, made with organic ginger syrup and maple syrup. David created it because of his love for the root. “I tried to create a Chai coffee but didn’t quite get there.” The unexpected ginger adds a refreshing element and is very chuggable.

David wanted to avoid the trend of over-roasted coffee. “Over-roasting is common as it allows to compensate for lower quality coffee. We use a medium roast that allows the taste of coffee to come out.” The beans, 100% arabica, are sourced and curated in Central and South America. They’re then turned over to a family-owned company that’s been roasting beans here in LA for 120 years.

As delicious as it is rejuvenating (“I’d have failed if it didn’t taste great,” David told me), Pivot Coldbrew is available at local stores like Erewhon, Earthbar, and Bristol Farms, or you can have it delivered to you via Postmates.

Karin E. Baker

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