A New Photography Exhibit Focused on Mid-Century African-American Life in the South is Coming to LA in June

Lionel Hampton by Ernest Withers, courtesy of Fahey/Klein Gallery.

A new exhibition of the work of pioneering African American photojournalist Ernest C. Withers is coming to Fahey/Klein Gallery on June 24.

Focusing on the lives of African Americans in the South during the mid-20th century, the photos depict the rise of rock ‘n’ roll and R&B, family life in Memphis, the Civil Rights Movement, life on Beale Street, and more.

After high school, Withers joined the military, where he attended the Army School of Photography. Upon leaving the army, he opened a photography studio in Memphis. This became his home base for recording history during a time of great upheaval and change.

Martin Luther King Jr. waiting to be introduced at the Alabama Capitol after leading the fifty-four mile march from Selma to Montgomery, 1965. Courtesy of Fahey/Klein Gallery

“Ernest Withers: I’ll Take You There” will be on view by appointment from June 24-July 31. Fahey/Klein Gallery is located at 148 N. La Brea Avenue, and their phone is 323.934.2250.

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