West Hollywood Restaurant The Henry is Back & Even Better

Mango Habanero Margarita at The Henry. Photos by Karin E. Baker for The LA Beat.

Lounging in a beautiful room or on a greenery-lined patio, brunch cocktail in hand, while waiting for the servers at The Henry to bring a tasty dish to your table next is a highly relaxing way to begin a Saturday or Sunday.

The Henry shut its doors for 15 months due to the pandemic, but the WeHo eatery that bills itself as “the greatest neighborhood restaurant” reopened in June with refreshed food and cocktail menus, along with an air of excitement.

Back to those breakfast cocktails — if you’re so inclined, do indulge in one of these thoughtfully crafted libations. Hey, fruit is healthy. I’m always happy to drink a cocktail that reminds me of Hawaii without being overly sweet, so I recommend the mimosa with passionfruit. We also savored the effervescent pomegranate hibiscus spritz and the heartier mango habanero margarita. A mimosa with guava and pineapple sounds worthy of a return visit.

Brunch starter choices include crispy rice with spicy tuna, black truffle cheese fondue with warm pretzels, vegan chorizo tostadas, short rib potstickers, and lobster cacio e pepe. I ordered the crispy rice with spicy tuna with no regrets.

The hearty but healthy quinoa breakfast bowl includes black beans, two cage-free eggs, roasted corn, potato, pasilla chile, pepper jack, and a generous portion of avocado. It can also be enjoyed as a breakfast burrito. Other brunch mains include smashed avocado toast, strawberry French toast with toasted coconut and vanille crema, a Greek yogurt parfait, and a smoked salmon bagel laden with capers and red onion.

I’m not always inclined to have dessert at breakfast, but resistance was futile when I saw the Warm Croissant Bread Pudding. Topped with toasted pecans, salted caramel gelato, and whiskeyed raisins, this indulgent dish warrants another visit.

Though LA restaurants are fully open now since we passed the throes of the pandemic, I still value open spaces. Fortunately, The Henry’s dining room and patios are expansive. The chic but relaxed interior, with a palette of relaxing blues, greens, and browns, features leather banquettes and chairs, gleaming woods, and plenty of greenery. There’s also a coffee bar for grabbing a drink or a freshly baked pastry. Need distraction? Watch the chefs in the exhibition kitchen or check out the large selection of music and fashion magazines provided for patrons.

The patios, both elevated above ground level, are prime spots for people watching. The patio facing Robertson Blvd. has a more bustling, social vibe and would be a great place to take out-of-town visitors. The verdant second patio, lit with string lights, offers a more charming, private dining experience.

The Henry is located at 120 North Robertson Blvd. in West Hollywood. Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays, while lunch and dinner are available Wednesdays through Sundays. You can find more info here.

Karin E. Baker

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