Get Breakfast for 72 Cents & Free Randy’s Donuts This Wednesday 10/20

Image courtesy of Norms & Randy’s Donuts.

Wednesday, October 20 is the 72nd anniversary of classic Southern California diner chain Norms. To celebrate, every Norms location is offering breakfast for just 72 cents!

In addition, Norms has collaborated with another classic So Cal brand — Randy’s Donuts — to create a limited-edition Hotcake Donut. The donuts are decadently topped with maple glaze, crispy bacon, and drizzles of strawberry jam. 

Starting at 8 a.m. on Wednesday, the first 500 people to visit the Norms Food Truck parked outside of Norms’ famous Googie-style location at 470 N. La Cienega will get free Hotcake Donuts. 

The 72-cent breakfast consists of two scrambled eggs, two slices of bacon or sausage, and a hotcake. This special is available to dine-in guests at every Norms location from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. 

In addition, Norms is giving away $72,000. You can enter the contest by texting a keyword found inside all Norms locations.

Karin E. Baker

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