Fountain Theatre’s Free Live Stream of “Roe” Coming July 10

A powerful play focusing on the real women involved in the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, “Roe” has played to sold-out audiences at LA’s Fountain Theatre for the past three weeks. Audiences everywhere can watch a free hyper-staged live stream of the final performance of “Roe” on Sunday, July 10.

Written by Lisa Loomer, “Roe” goes beyond the headlines to look at Norma McCorvey, known as “Jane Roe,” and Sarah Weddington, the lawyer who defended her in Roe v. Wade. Recently overturned, the landmark Supreme Court case made safe, legal abortion a right for American women. “Roe” also examines the years after the court’s decision and the great divide surrounding the issue in today’s America.

The live stream is sponsored by The Center on Reproductive Health, Law, and Policy at the UCLA School of Law. For more information or to get involved with the cause, go to

Published in 2019, “Roe” has been praised as both poignant and humorous. To receive a link to watch the free seven-camera live stream, go to

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