Lucha VaVOOM – Celebrating 20 Years Of Luchador Madness With “Summer Sabotage” On Friday July 29th

Lucha VAVOOM’s 20th anniversary is soon approaching. In celebration, the Luchador explosion of “Summer Sabotage” is commencing on Friday, July 29th, at The Mayan Theatre (1038 S Hill St.) in DTLA. Tickets for this 21+ event are on sale now for $45.00‒$90.00. Anyone attending can expect marvelous mayhem and mind-blowing Luchador shenanigans crowned by performances by sexy exotic ladies taking it off to fully entertain everyone in the theatre.

Featured Luchadors for the evening include: Magno “The Man Mountain” Rudo, along with mini superstar wrestler and one of Mexico’s most beloved fighters Microman (as seen on ESPN, CBS News, The Telegraph and Daily Mail), Taya Valkyrie (four-time Reina de Reinas champion and former WWE superstar), Dama Fina among others.

Comedy, Burlesques and aerialists will be featured in between bouts to add more fun and izzle between to the evening’s festivities. Blaine Capatch will be delivering commentary all night long. Raquel Reed (burlesque dancer from Absinthe in Las Vegas), Audrey Deluxe (burlesque artist and shimmy shaker), Veronica Yune (stunning daredevil aerialist), and Viva La Glam (specializing in unique and dangerous acts).

As you can see with all the mischief going on Friday, you will want to catch every moment of the action. Tickets can be purchased here Don’t miss the fun!

Billy Bennight

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