Four Top LA Chefs Will Bring Their Best Dishes to LA Times Food Bowl Opening Night

Photo courtesy of LA Times.

A solid month of unique culinary adventures, the LA Times Food Bowl returns with an exciting opening night event on September 1.

Grandmaster Recorders is the site of the Food Bowl Launch Party. This celebration will feature special tastings from four guest chefs and live DJs. Cocktails, wine, and beer are also included in the ticket price. 

Attendees will savor bites from a quartet of culinary innovators: Justin Pichetrungsi of Anajak Thai, John Yao of Kato, Natalia Pereira of WOODSPOON, and Nicole Rucker of Fat + Flour

The Gold Award (named for Jonathan Gold) will be presented to Genet Agonafer of Little Ethiopia’s Meals by Genet, while Justin Pichetrungsi of Anajak Thai will be awarded Restaurant of the Year. 

Grandmaster Recorders is an appropriately vital — not to mention historic — venue for the party. Now a Hollywood restaurant, Grandmaster Recorders was once a silent movie theater, then a longtime recording studio for icons including David Bowie, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, Neil Young, and Stevie Wonder. 

To buy tickets to the LA Times Food Bowl Launch Party, click here

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