Meet the Maker: Alice Jun Brings Her Artisanal Rice Wine to Echo Park Tonight

Tonight’s your chance to try some artisanal rice wine – with the Broooklyn-based maker – when Alice Jun of Hana Makgeolli visits OTOTO and Tsubuki!

Located next door to each other in Echo Park, OTOTO and Tsubuki are renowned Japanese eateries. OTOTO was called “L.A.’s best sake bar” by “The Los Angeles Times,” while “Food & Wine” declared that “Tsubaki pours the most interesting sake in L.A.”

Winemaker Alice Jun will make her way back and forth between between both spots tonight. She’ll offer flights and single pours at OTOTO. Tsubaki will offer a seasonal special pairing offered by Jun’s creations. 

OTOTO is walk-in only. Reservations can be made at Tsubaki via TOCK.

Tsubaki is located at 1356 Allison Avenue. OTOTO is at 1360 Allison Avenue. 

Karin E. Baker

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Karin E. Baker is a native Angeleno who loves the eateries, history, nature, architecture, and art of her hometown. When not exploring poke shacks in Kona, tascas in Córdoba, and konditoris in Malmö, she writes about food, culture, lifestyle and travel. She obsesses over comma usage and classic films and is always happy to find an excuse to open a bottle of champagne.
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