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Cristen Iris is an award-winning developmental editor and creative collaborator who works in the publishing and film industries. She’s best known for her work on high-impact narrative nonfiction projects and for working with professionals from many disciplines, including entertainment, academic, legal, medical, and media. As someone who values compassion and individual agency, Cristen is a committed vegan who loves finding plant-based culinary creations, something easy to do in vegan-friendly Boise, Idaho.

Interview with Sarah Fanchon Cohen, Executive Producer of ‘Smile Little Ladybug,’ a Conversation-Starting Documentary Short Film

The second day of Filmfort 2022, the annual film festival in Boise, Idaho that is part of the popular Treefort Music Fest, opened with “Smile Little Ladybug.” The documentary short film tells the sometimes dark and always thought-provoking story of three … Continue reading

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Filmfort 2022 Interview With ‘Anchorage’ Filmmakers Scott Monahan And Dakota Loesch

Producer-Director-Costar Scott Monahan and Producer-Writer-Costar Dakota Loesch kicked off Filmfort (part of the 2022 Treefort Music Festival) with their gritty and gripping feature film, ‘Anchorage,’ and received an enthusiastic reception from the Boise audience. Before hitting Filmfort, ‘Anchorage’ had already … Continue reading

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FRANCE: A Perfectly Cast Film That’s More Than an Exquisite Homage to First World Angst

For FRANCE, philosopher-filmmaker Bruno Dumont once again partnered with cinematographer David Chambille and distributor Kino Lorber to project onto the screen the interior world of his characters in a multi-faceted film about the media industrial complex. In keeping with Dumont’s … Continue reading

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AULCIE, a Documentary Film About the Rise, Fall, and Rebound of African-American Maccabi Tel Aviv BasketBall Club Player Aulcie Perry

**SPOILERS** AULCIE, a documentary film about the rise, fall, and rebound of African-American Maccabi Tel Aviv BasketBall Club Player Aulcie Perry was written and directed by Israeli Academy Award winner Dani Menkin of Hey Jude Productions(“39 Pounds of Love” and … Continue reading

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