Do Not Miss the Damned and Avengers at the Ice House Monday!

Monday, June 10, The Damned and The Avengers will be playing their second bill together in the LA area, and it is not to be missed! The Glass House in Pomona will host the 1980 lineup of the Damned with the incomparable Rat Scabies on drums, the lineup that recorded two of their best albums, The Black Album and Strawberries. 

The Avengers, who are tighter and more intense than ever will be opening with hits from The Pink Album, and the bonus “Glad I’m a Girl” from Penelope Houston’s solo work. Penelope gives it her all. She just does not slow down at all.

I know it’s a school night, you probably have to download the DICE app, and Pomona is a bit of a slog for some of you, but this show is so worth it. Doors open at 7:00 PM.

We attended the first double bill Friday night at the Fonda. Both the Avengers and Damned put on perhaps their best shows ever. Penelope’s vocals were clear and strong and besides the usual hits “We Are the One,” and “Babylon,” they performed “Car Crash.”

Captain Sensible was in fine form, showing his range from Strawberries’ sweet ballad “Life Goes On,” to clowning stunts like balancing his guitar on his head. Dave Vanian, who from the ageless looks of him, may actually be a vampire, sounded better than ever, with clear, on tune vocals with unusually nice harmonies with the Captain. Even keyboard player, Monty Oxymoron, came out from behind the organ to do a fun little dance to the drum solo.

The Damned opened up with some strong contenders from The Black Album, like Wait for the Blackout, and Ignite from Strawberries. They then mixed in some Machine Gun Etiquette tunes, like Melody Lee, Plan 9 Channel 7, and of course, Machine Gun Etiquette, amongst I Just Can’t Be Happy Today, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Smash It Up from The Black Album. We were also treated to Generals and Stranger on the Town from Strawberries

There was a big ending with Noise Noise Noise, and Love Song, both from Machine Gun Etiquette, and Neat Neat Neat from Damned Damned Damned, with an encore of New Rose from The Black Album.

It was so cool to hear some of the deep cuts, After this amazing show, be sure to stop at Donut Man for strawberry donuts on the way home.


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