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Self-Identified Mermaid Publishes Memoir

Dame Darcy‘s latest art project, a soft cover over-sized book published this month by Feral House, “Hi-Jax and Hi-Jinx:  Life’s a Pitch – and Then You Live Forever,” feels like the friend you always wanted to have: creative, bold, and … Continue reading

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Better Buy More Purple Crayons! Feral House Adds Prince to their Coloring Book Series

On April 25th, Feral House Publications released “Prince: The Coloring Book.” This third book joins the already popular Bowie and Lemmy coloring books.  I took a stab at coloring Prince with crayons, colored pencils and markers. Having not colored since … Continue reading

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Book Review: Disco’s Out, Murder’s In

Disco’s Out, Murder’s In by Heath Mattioli and David Spacone (Feral House Press) There are many books on the market about the development of the early LA punk scene, mostly focusing on the musicians and scenesters that enabled the music … Continue reading

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Lupercalia & Yé-Yé at La Luz de Jesus

What does the ancient Roman festival Lupercalia have to do with French Yé-Yé Pop from the ’60s? Not very much, except that both are being celebrated by Feral House at La Luz de Jesus gallery on Saturday, February 15. Lupercalia, celebrated on … Continue reading

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