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Movies Till Dawn: Secret Rites of the Saturday Morning Strange

“The Peanut Butter Solution” (Severin Kids, 1985) After catching a glimpse of two ghosts, young Michael Mackay becomes completely bald; the same said ghosts then offer him magical glop, comprised largely of peanut butter, which causes him to then sprout … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Hell Comes to the Saturday Morning Strange

“House By the Cemetery” (Blue Underground, 1981) Despite constant admonitions from a young girl that only he can see, towheaded Bob (Giovanni Frezza) and his parents (Catriona MacColl and Paolo Malco) not only remain in the Creepy Old New England … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: #MonsterSquadGoals2

“Us” (2019, Universal Home Video) A middle-class family – mom Lupita Nyong’o, dad Winston Duke and two kids – is beset by what appear to be their mindless, murderous doubles, who seem to be a harbinger of a larger and … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: Short and Sweet and (Mostly) Brand New, Part 2

“Skate Kitchen” (2018, Magnolia Home Entertainment) Shy New York tomboy Rachelle Vinberg finds acceptance and confidence – and considerable drama – when she joins an all-female skateboard crew. Dramatic feature debut of Crystal Moselle (“The Wolfpack“) benefits greatly from her … Continue reading

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Movies Till Dawn: The Other Side of Summer Edition

“Hot Summer Nights” (2018, Lionsgate) Lonely Timothee Chalamet finds distraction from the loss of his father in selling marijuana with small town demi-god Alex Roe and his bad-girl sister Maika Monroe (“It Follows”) on Cape Cod circa 1991. First time … Continue reading

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