Offbeat L.A.: A Surreal Video Trip to Pasadena’s Bunny Museum

Several months ago Offbeat L.A. took a surreal trip down the bunny hole to Pasadena, CA where we experienced the fun and very unusual Bunny Museum. We went back, loaded with an armful of carrots and radishes. Join Nikki Kreuzer as she passes through the looking glass on our first ever Offbeat L.A. video journey…

Also please re-read our original article and then go to Pasadena and take the magical sojourn yourself…  Offbeat L.A. Visits the Bunny Museum

Offbeat L.A. Bunny... (photo by Chris Carlone)

Offbeat L.A. Bunny… (photo by Chris Carlone)


Nikki Kreuzer

About Nikki Kreuzer

Nikki Kreuzer has been a Los Angeles resident for more than half of her life. When not working insane hours in the film & TV industry, she spends her time over many obsessions, mainly music, art and exploring the oddities of the city she calls home. So far she has written over 80 Offbeat L.A. articles for the Los Angeles Beat. As a writer she has also been published in the LA Weekly,, Twist Magazine, Strobe and Not For Hire. Nikki is also is a mosaic artist and actor. As a photographer she documents Offbeat things in L.A. on Instagram (username Lunabeat, please follow her!). She is currently working on her first novel and in the process of recording a dozen original songs with a songwriting partner under the name Nikki & Candy. Please "like" the Offbeat L.A. Facebook page!
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3 Responses to Offbeat L.A.: A Surreal Video Trip to Pasadena’s Bunny Museum

  1. You are so cute when you hop!

  2. Donna Lethal Donna Lethal says:

    You actually went there! I lived in Pasadena when I first moved here and was tempted, but I’m scared of giant bunnies.

  3. Della Hanna says:

    nikki, I am friends with your cousin Dawn. She would post things that she followed you on. They were so interesting, I decided to follow you too…. these things you are doing are so cute and fun. Thanks for what you do, you have so much fun that when we read or view them, it brings you back to simpler times. Great job. Keep up the good work.

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