Rolling Stones Author To Visit Los Angeles

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here at The Los Angeles Beat, and I’ve been waiting for a local event that I think music fans in our fair city would want to know about.  And of course, there was that pandemic thing.  Bill German, the author of what is widely considered the most heartwarming book ever written on The Rolling Stones, “Under Their Thumb” is coming to Los Angeles for a book signing!

If you’ve read his book, you know that the timeline in it is the period in the 1980s when the band was going through what they called, “World War III”, the most acrimonious period in Stones history.  They weren’t recording, touring, or really speaking, except to sling mud at each other in the press.  In the middle of this melee walked a squeaky-clean, self-described, “Nice boy from Brooklyn.”  It is precisely that unlikely juxtaposition of innocence and drug-soaked jadedness that makes German’s account of these times so compelling.  The book is a real page-turner and is almost impossible to put down.  It’s the real-life version of “Almost Famous”

The book was updated earlier this year to coincide with the band’s 60th anniversary, and it answered all those questions that fans were left with after reading it the first time around, questions like, “What did the band think of the book?” or, “Do you still speak to Ron Wood?”  Show up for the book signing for answers to these and more.

If you haven’t read the book, Saturday, October 15th is going to be your lucky day, because Bill German will be at the Musichead Gallery on Sunset from 1pm to 3pm, signing books and regaling the crowd with readings from the book and kibbitzing with fans.  Admission to the event is $30 and it includes a signed copy of the book.  This is a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes with The Rolling Stones.

More information can be had by clicking here.


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  1. Paula says:

    I went to one of Bill German’s events in June 2019 in Chicago. The first-hand stories of “Mick and the boys” he shared with us were fantastic! Bill’s book is a must for any Stones fan, and going to hear him in person is a real joy for any Stones fan! It’s an added bonus that he’s friendly and genuine. 😊

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