2oolander: Why I Like Number 2

I took my 17 year old and his buddy to see 2oolander tonight, and we laughed through the entire movie. In fact, the whole theater did. I found all of the cameos amusing; beginning with Justin Bieber and ending with Tommy Hilfiger. I was impressed that Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson looked just about the same, 15 years after the original. I love to look at Penelope Cruz in anything; a bikini, Glamour magazine, a movie sequel. What’s not to love? Zoolander2 was exactly what I expected- cheap laughs at celebrities’ expense floating along a thin, ridiculous plot. Just like the first movie.

I went online to get a promo photo of the movie and found out that most reviews are unfavorable. People are disappointed in Zoolander 2. I don’t understand why. I wasn’t expecting it to be seriously funny. I was expecting it to be really, really, ridiculously good looking, and it was.

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