Beat Recommends – The Dagons Record Release

The Dagons commemorate the release of their new album, “Upon The Dull Earth” with a rare local appearance tonight at Bordello. Despite a recent affection for the sitar, the boy/girl guitar/drum duo has never strayed far from their original sound – a wistful, hypnotic garage-goth that also somehow manages to be catchy and affirming.  Drew Kowalski’s tasteful drumming is the perfect anchor for Karie Jacobson’s blissful guitar and poetry.  Her dreamy voice drifts longingly throughout the tunes,  like they are being sung by the murdered bride of Le Phantom Manor.

Despite what they might want you to think, they are really nice.

Also on the fantastic bill are Gabriel Hart and the Fourth Wall and Sioux City Pete. Doors at 9pm.

Bordello Bar – 901 E. 1st St – Downtown Los Angeles
(213) 687-3766
21+, $5 at the door

Written by Heathbiter

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  1. Bob Lee Bob Lee says:

    Wish I’d made it to this, I miss the Dagons!

  2. “Despite a recent affection for the sitar…” Heehee

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