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High and Dry – Joan Jett / Poison / Def Leppard / Motley Crue at SoFi, August 27, 2022

Guest Post And All Photos By Else “Evil E” Duff High and Dry. Guess that’s the best way to recap the Joan Jett / Poison / Def Leppard / Motley Crue concert at SoFi Stadium. You can bring in a … Continue reading

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An Old Fart’s Primer: Punk vs. Post-Punk

Written by Kevin Tuxford Basically speaking, the notion of “post-punk” emerged pretty quickly after the Sex Pistols imploded on stage in San Francisco, and John Lydon had come back with a new band and a new sound within a year. … Continue reading

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Cruel World Festival Brings Back the 80s

Written by Dave Arnson This past Sunday, the Cruel World festival, took over the outer grounds of the Pasadena Rose Bowl. It was like a new wave Woodstock, with a rich dark chocolate goth frosting! There were three stages that … Continue reading

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Henry Rollins digs into his hardcore past to discuss Dischord 200 box set / Interview

By Andy Nystrom. This article originally appeared on There’s Something Hard in There My brother Ed and I asked Henry Rollins heaps of questions when we visited with him at the SST Records office on Phelan Avenue in Redondo Beach, … Continue reading

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Remembering Michael Nesmith

Written by Probyn Gregory What a year of loss. Julia woke me with the news that Michael “Papa Nez” Nesmith has left this Earth. Many of you know how huge the Monkees were (and are) to me. I was wildly … Continue reading

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The Arroyo Seco Alliance Tries to Stop Developers and City Planners from Ruining NELA

Written by Dave Travis Developers are planning on building a seven-story, 100-unit condo complex at Figueroa Street and Pasadena Avenue at the crossroads of Highland Park, Cypress Park, Mount Washington, and Lincoln Heights (by Strawberry’s House from Up in Smoke, … Continue reading

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Mayor Garcetti Works the Covid Vax Center at Dodger Stadium

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Wonder Woman 1984: The Morning After, Hot Takes / Exorcisms

By Badly Licked Bear 1. Whips: As both an experienced Spelunky player and a level 20 masochist, I am deeply concerned with the terrible whip handling in this film. Is it a lasso? Is it a whip? Pick a style. … Continue reading

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The Best Spots to Hike and Camp Near Los Angeles

by Lukas Saville Despite the urban sprawl, Los Angeles actually has hundreds of miles of hiking trails. If you’re willing and able to hop in the car, you can find even more fantastic hiking and camping spots within a few … Continue reading

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41 Reasons to Wear a Mask

Written by Jula Bell Liebi A compilation of positives related to wearing a mask: 1. You will help not spread coronavirus if you are asymptomatic or symptomatic. You will be protecting your friends, family, co workers, and total strangers. 2. … Continue reading

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