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The Best Spots to Hike and Camp Near Los Angeles

by Lukas Saville Despite the urban sprawl, Los Angeles actually has hundreds of miles of hiking trails. If you’re willing and able to hop in the car, you can find even more fantastic hiking and camping spots within a few … Continue reading

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41 Reasons to Wear a Mask

Written by Jula Bell Liebi A compilation of positives related to wearing a mask: 1. You will help not spread coronavirus if you are asymptomatic or symptomatic. You will be protecting your friends, family, co workers, and total strangers. 2. … Continue reading

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Homefree: Out on the Streets while they Burn

By Tabitha Violencia As I sleep, I can hear people yelling in violent protest mere blocks from where I am. Stones and bottles hit the building. The locals know there are children here so near the violence. The violence is … Continue reading

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Adventures in Background Work: Poseur

by Janet Housden Back in the olden days, one of the only jobs Rock and Roll loser weirdos could get was as extras in mostly terrible movies and TV shows (there was a rule in the Eighties that you had … Continue reading

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Talking X’s New Release ‘Alphabetland’ with DJ Bonebrake

By Andy Nystrom. Originally posted on There’s Something Hard in There. As droplets of rain plunked down upon my car’s windshield and the dreary sky became further shrouded in darkness, I waited and wondered what another pandemic day would toss … Continue reading

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An Old Fart’s Journey to Goth Part 6: So Much for the Rebellion

Written by Kevin Tuxford The Sex Pistols imploded in San Francisco and the Clash would soon become “sell out” hits across the Atlantic, where the Sex Pistols had only found a theatrical demise. In London, a growing “New Romantic” counter-movement, … Continue reading

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An Old Fart’s Journey to Goth Part 5: Then Came Punk

Written by Kevin Tuxford I’m sure I don’t need to go into the history of punk (or the debate over when and where it “started”) here. Needless to say, as soon as Johnny Rotten snarled out “I am an antichrist, … Continue reading

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An Old Fart’s Journey to Goth Part 4: Bowie is God

Written by Kevin Tuxford There is no way you can consider the evolution of punk, post punk, or goth without paying tribute to the legacy of glam, and in particular, David Bowie. He affected everything, and his stint in the … Continue reading

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An Old Fart’s Journey to Goth Part 3: Life is a Cabaret

Written by Kevin Tuxford I’ve heard people cite the obvious connections between glam, punk, and post punk, but I’ve never heard people recall the impact of “Cabaret” in 1972. People later on may have forgotten that this film was a … Continue reading

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Revisiting Redd Kross’ Scorching Debut EP with the McDonald Brothers

Text and Photos by Andy Nystrom. originally posted in There’s Something Hard in There. Redd Kross’ debut Self-titled EP will be reissued on Merge Records on June 26. (Courtesy of the Merge Records website) It was fun, horrifying, exciting and … Continue reading

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