New Favorite Local Band: Tijuana Panthers

Fun surf rockTime for a new favorite local band: Tijuana Panthers, a trio from Long Beach, who play a very danceable mix of surf-rock and pop. They were memorable enough last year at the Silver Lake Jubilee to get me listening to their myspace tracks on a regular basis, and then I went to catch them with a friend at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, which, if you haven’t been, is one of those old standbys with good drinks and rockabilly kids. We couldn’t resist bopping around to “Creature”, “Bainbridge”, and my favorite, “Prayer Needs”, from the album Max Baker. (“Red Headed Girl” is another good one but it tends to cause more swaying than bopping.) All three of the guys sing, trading the lead on various songs, but since the biography information on their various pages is skimpy, I can only list their names: Chad, Phil and Daniel. You can catch them at Make Music Pasadena tomorrow at 4pm, and on July 22nd at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts.  In the meantime, here’s a video for “Creature”.

Album image courtesy of Tijuana Panthers’ Bandpage

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