Heaenly Signage

Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles

Donna Lethal

About Donna Lethal

Donna Lethal is the author of "Milk of Amnesia" and writes for her own blog (Lethal Dose), Hair Hall of Fame, Dowager Quarterly, Find A Death, & the Valhalla Cemetery chapter in "Weird Hollywood." A native of Lowell, Mass., she's lived in Boston, NY and London before settling here. When not writing, she's hiking, soaking in a Korean salt room or in the high desert with her pit bull.
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3 Responses to Heaenly Signage

  1. They were just concentrating too hard on spelling “lavender” – that one trips me up too

  2. Donna Lethal Donna Lethal says:

    I’m always amazed when someone can spell a word like “lavender” but get other ones wrong. The other day they spelled “banna.” Their sign is a regular stop.

  3. Elise Thompson Elise Thompson says:

    It’s a plot – someone is stealing letters from their signs!

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