Beat Recommends: Return To Forever IV and Zappa Plays Zappa

Photo by Tom Marcello courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

If fusion is a cushion, RTF is the strong foundation. The fusion monsters – in this lineup, replacing guitarist Al DiMeola with Frank Gambale, and adding the violin of Jean Luc-Ponty to the rhythm-as-lead section of Lenny White, Stanley Clarke and Chick Corea – are sure to impress their fellow musicians, and discerning listeners will note a strong melodic sense underpinning all the thrilling widdly-woo. But don’t skip the opening act, one of the most authentic and satisfying tribute bands there is: Frank’s son Dweezil has put together an ace team of music-school grads to keep the family jewels sparkling. A little night noodlin’ under the stars, sounds like LA to me.

Return To Forever IV and Zappa Plays Zappa perform at the Greek Theater tonight, September 20, at 7:30pm.

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