Fit-Fabulous and Fun?

Do you live in Los Angeles? Probably! And I’m sure you think you’re fabulous right? I mean, at least I do! Are you fit? Are you fun? Yes? YES? Then you need to check out Giuliana Rancic’s new site. She’s got something fabulous and fun posted everyday that’s also related to fitness.

Last night she hosted a fabulous celebration of not only the new things she’s doing but for some cool things that are up and coming. Like the new Zumba Fitness II for the Wii. Now I don’t own a Wii, but after this demo I was hooked! I Zumbad for one song and was sweating! I know Zumba is the new fitness/dance craze right now and after my quick demo I realized why. -SIGN ME UP PEOPLE!

Now if you’ve been keeping up with our site then you may have read about my experience with juice cleansing. Well I guess Ritual Cleanse stole my idea (HA) because they will juice for you! They deliver it to your door if you don’t want the hassle of doing it yourself or the expense of buying your own juicer. (This is perfect for all those requests I get from friends who want me to juice for them.) I found out having juiced myself that your juice does lose its enzymes and will go rancid after 3-5 days so I had to ask, “how are you preserving this juice and still calling it organic, raw, cold pressed, and delicious?”  I was surprised. They really are just juicing it and bringing it to your door. No gimmicks, not fake promises, this juice IS good. (We had some yummy cocktails made with it.)

What was also awesome about last night was the food! Did someone say food? YES.  They had a beautiful spread of the most decadent cheeses mixed with veggies and crackers as well as yellow watermelon gazpacho and turkey sliders. This was definitely filled with fabulousness, ( yes, this is a word-I checked) fitness and fun!

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