Pam MacD’s Gluten-Free

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Pam McDonald, the proud new owner of the gluten free store called Pam MacD’s Gluten Free. It’s a small quaint market in Burbank on Magnolia. Opening up your own business is no small feat so I just had to ask why she was so compelled to open a gluten free (GF) store above all things? The answer was surprising. There are an estimated 60 million people that have some form of gluten intolerance and one in 100 people who suffer from Celiac disease-Pam being one of them. These numbers are so outstanding that I was surprised to find that Pam Mcds is a first of its kind here in Los Angeles! If you’ve been looking for a GF market, this is it!

Pam MacDonald’s goal is to bring awareness to some health issues that are associated with gluten intolerance. When you walk into her store and look to the right you will see a counter with a wealth of information on everything from Celiac disease to Autism.


Gluten is the protein that is used to bind most of our foods so it’s in just about everything. Wheat, barley, rye and other whole grains can be detrimental to a gluten intolerant digestive system. I can imagine trying to find GF foods can be difficult not to mention limited. This market gives you options. Cookies, ice cream, cereal, even corn made pasta!

While talking to Pam I did start to wonder what would someone do for fiber? If most whole grains are like poison to a gluten intolerant system then a restrictive diet would also lack in nutrients.  Well she had an answer to that. If you are following a GF diet then be aware that there will be some vitamins you are missing. Iron, calcium, and fiber just to name a few, but you can take supplements to help with that. Pam MacD’s also sells vitamins and supplements but of course consult your doctor about your specific dietary needs.

This store is awesome and Pam is a gem. Pam MacD’s is also partnered with GF and vegan local bakeries to bring you something yummy and fresh for those of you with a sweet tooth. Pam plans to expand and soon even have a gluten free cafe. How exciting! Come check her out, the girls that work there are also very helpful.

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      Awww, how sweet Malerie. Thank you! I’m not sure by what a professional means in this field so we’ll go with “very knowledgeable” 🙂

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