The Taste Day 2: Secrets From Vine And Cellar

LA Times food writer Russ Parsons (center) talks about the joys of portability with chef Ludo Le Febvre and his wife, partner and now co-host Krissy LaFebvre. The spicy chef can currently be seen screaming "I LOVE to cook some FUCKING foie gras!" at protesters on Sundance's reality show Ludo Bites America. Reservations for Ludobites' next installment are sure to be tougher to get than Stones tickets now. Thanks a lot, television.

No rest for weary palates on Saturday morning, as The Taste continued its marathon foodie bonanza in Beverly Hills. Themed for a summer brunch, the event featured an appealing variety of ingredients and textures after Friday’s mammoth burger overload, and included several of this observer’s favorite bites of the weekend. Crowds and temperatures were at a medium simmer, with minimal wait times for all but the most popular items.
I should probably be grateful I missed out on Black Market’s Deep Fried Fluffernutters, which were one of the most buzzed-about items of the afternoon. And regretfully, I didn’t get usable snaps of one of my favorite things – the pork belly and mostarda from Sotto, crispy, crackly, meaty and all-around tasty. The Isoceles red blend from Justin Vineyards bears mentioning. It was easily the most exciting wine discovery from the entire festival. I found myself wandering back to try it against half the dishes on that part of the floor, and it worked with almost everything.

Here’s what else I ate that seemed photogenic:

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