The Taste Day 3: Street Eats

On day three, I hit the ground running and quickly found my stride. The crowds weren’t nearly as crazy as the previous night, and there was Susan Feniger’s huge smile to greet everyone. Rosa of Rosa’s Bella Cucina was all sunshine, and Jazz from Jitlada was her usual cuddly self. It was a great big lovefest.

And you know what we love most of all? Food! Pitfire Artisan Pizza was pulling sausage and fresh heirloom tomato pizzas straight out of the oven. I was so caught up in the fresh ricotta and tomato pizza I missed the Kaya Toast demo! I am a shameless whore for Kaya Toast! When I did make it over to Street’s table, I was thrilled to see Kaya Toast bites. The question was, how many could I eat without getting 86-ed? I settled on three. Jazz was serving up her delicious and labor-inducing Crying Tiger, and when I told her Street was there she grabbed an armload of plates and had me lead her to their table, where I was able to snatch another Kaya Toast! Score!

Palate Food and Wine was serving up a flatbread with something red smeared on it and piles of succulent lamb. I asked if it was sundried tomato, and they shook their head. I said, “Right, what is this, 1988?” Sundried tomato! So outre! Anyways, the flatbread folded up NY pizza style and was just bursting with that amazing lmb. I have got to get down there ASAP.

Chefs took advantage of our last sweet corn of the summer, with elote covered with spices, mayo saue, and cotija. The best esquites, cut from the cob, were definitely from Loteria! Grill. Other standouts were the double mole tamale from Gueleguetza, The everpopular Foundry grilled cheese, and Ballywood (Garam Masala Chicken in Coconut Madras Curry) from the umm, Great Balls of Fire  Truck.  Best bites on the sweet side were Dulce de Leche bites from Creme Caramel LA, Zeppole from Rosa’s Bella Cucina and Dulce de Leche Churros from The Border Grill truck.

The drink of the day was from the mixologist for Death’s Door. he made a coconut water drink following directions from a Hemingway novel. It was refreshing but not too sweet. I also enjoyed the bottled Kooksoondang Draft Makkoli, a slightly sweet Korean carbonated  sake.

Besides the Kaya Toast Demo, Chef Marcel Vigneron demonstrated his punny Tako Taco, made with octopus, but I had to leave in the middle to catch the panel on Food City: The New Language of L.A.,” which is where I found all of the other writers I knew. I finished up the day catching “Chopped” judge Alex Guarnaschelli, who is much more charming and funny than her tough-as-nails gaze on the show would have you believe.

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention! Glad you got to try our Crème Caramel. Hope you got some bread pudding too. 🙂

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