LA Girl: Our Own Elise Thompson!

While I sit forlornly on this lost, Lewis-less Labor Day weekend, I realized I had shirked my LA-Girl duties. Such is the side effect of muscle relaxers (my first time!) and my very first Angeleno car accident. Not bad after eight years, but the subsequent red tape and aches and pains have taken a chunk out of my week. Back to the good stuff.

I’ve shared many meals, photo field trips, and all-out giggle sessions with Our Fair Elise and if there’s one thing I’ve noticed is that her remarkably alabaster skin never seems to age. Is it something she’s eating? The rays from a certain laptop? What is it?

Keep it clean: There is one beauty rule I never break. Never go to bed with your makeup on! Ever! Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Cleanser is easy to remove and leaves your skin feeling velvety. Even if my friends say Elizabeth Arden is for old ladies.

Body: If I can’t find handcrafted soaps that smell like citrus, L’Occitane Thé Verte is a nice body wash.

After showering, powder with Kama Sutra Honey Dust. It comes with a nice feather duster and has a light, sweet scent (and flavor). In High School I dated a guy whose mother lived at the beach, had false eyelashes, black hair down to her waist and wicker furniture. I thought she was so glamorous. It was only later I discovered that to buy the Honey Dust she used I had to go to the back shelf of “lingerie stores.” For elbows, knees and toes I use Bliss Body Butter.

Hair: You can’t go wrong with Bumble and Bumble, and Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes smells like candy. Paul Mitchell Awapuhi is so 80s, but the watermelon smell is still yummy. Hellin Killer taught me to avoid breakage, squeeze hair dry — don’t rough it up with the towel. She also suggests sleeping on a silk pillowcase with your hair in braids, but I’m just not that precious. A little dab of Aveda finishing wax on the ends prevents flyaways, and is good for bangs and piecey haircuts.

Smells like Teen spirit: After the soap, shampoo and Honey Dust you may not need any more scent. If you do, keep it light. Spray the scent into the air and walk through the mist. If you ever spray on too much, remove it with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue is a nice light daytime scent, and Chanel’s Mademoiselle is perfect for when you are feeling wicked. (Both available at Sephora.)

Drugstore Logic: For some products, like foundation, it’s important to go high-end. Other things don’t matter as much. Pantene Pro V is a nice conditioner when you don’t want to drop 20 or 30 bucks. Maybelline eyebrow pencils work as eyeliners or (surprise!) eyebrow pencils. Max Factor makes a clear mascara that keeps you from ever having raccoon eyes. And for those days when I do remember to use sunscreen, Neutrogena Baby Sunblock Stick goes on like lip balm and is easy to carry in your purse.

Secret Weapon: Clinique Pore Refining Solutions Instant Perfector  makes your face as smooth as a baby doll’s. I only apply it to my nose and chin to avoid looking like an actual plastic doll

As for that ageless alabaster skin, it must be my genes because I am kind of lazy with moisturizer and sunscreen – I don’t like goopy stuff on my face. Of course, most of my life I have stayed up half the night and slept all day, which is pretty good sun protection. Another tip is to let your hair hang down like Veronica Lake, which hides any forehead wrinkles.

I also think keeping a few extra pounds on plumps out those wrinkles. At a recent event, Debi Mazar and I were astounding each other with our ages, and I told her my fat-plumping theory. She said, “I think so too. That’s why I drink.”


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  1. Me! Me! It IS all about ME!

  2. Donna Lethal Donna Lethal says:

    It is. I barely had to write it! And it was my idea, I swear.

  3. “but I’m just not that precious.” LOL.

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