Beat Recommends: HitRecord Fall Formal

Photo by michaelspgalpert via Flickr Creative Commons.

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt (50/50) started a collaborative art project called HitRecord (as in “Hit the Record Button”, not “Number One Hit Record”) five years ago. Described as an “open-collaborative production company”, it enables like-minded creators to find each other and work together in a virtual studio environment. From a pool of raw material consisting of images, sounds and words, users can chop up, edit and add to each others’ work. For remix enthusiasts, it’s a pool of copyright-free content to mess with.

This Monday at the Orpheum, Gordon-Levitt brings the HitRecord Fall Formal to the Orpheum, showing some of the members’ finished work, and including live performances and improvisations from various HitRecord contributors. It promises to be an interesting night, a combination of concert, film festival. comedy show and singalong. Fall Forum at the Orpheum Theater, Monday October 10, tickets available at Ticketmaster

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