Food Kick Pick: Quinoa

This weeks kick is Quinoa!  Every time I hear this word I want to do a karate chop or a ninja kick! It’s pronounced keen-wah and if you add an awesome ninja motion while you say it, it sounds/looks like you’re a Japanese fighter in some foreign flick! Oh but I digress-focus Marga! Let me give you some quick facts before you head to the grocery store!

First off, I would like to mention that quinoa is gluten free along with other awesome things that really make this a super food.  Quinoa is a seed that, if not harvested, will sprout a leafy vegetable. The leaves can be eaten but quinoa is primarily grown for the seeds. By most, quinoa is considered a superior “grain” for it’s most notable complete protein content.  It contains all nine essential amino acids making this comparable to red meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, and dairy. It also delivers fiber, iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamins A and E.

1/2 cup cooked, (on average across most brands according to Calorie King) is packed with 4.5g protein, 2g fiber, 4g fat, 23.5g carbohydrates, and 127 calories.

Quinoa cooks like rice, usually a 1:2 water ratio. You can find it in colors like red, black, purple, yellow, white and orange.  Most super markets carry the red, black or yellowish kind. The difference in taste isn’t much but the darker the seed the more crunchy and earthy the flavor. You can enjoy this cooked my favorite way here or try some of these recipes for a healthier side or even a main dish!

Qunioa Sald With Grapes

Red Quinoa and Avacado Salad

Quinoa Breakfast


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