Sunny Bak’s “Boys and Dogs” at Hold Up Art

The warm cheerful entrance of Hold Up Art
Hold Up Art is a small gallery that has recently opened downtown in Little Tokyo. The gallery offers an open bar (beer, wine and water, no hard liquor or soda) and hip music. It’s surrounded by eclectic shops, delicious restaurants and ample $5.00 parking lots.
One of the major differences between Hold Up Art and other galleries is that the owners; Brian Lee and Ben Kauffman hang and sell prints, not just originals on their walls. While other galleries may think that this would devalue originals, Brian and Ben are making cool art more attainable to the under $200.00 folks; therefore letting more local artists sell their art and more folks like us buy it. 
Last Saturday was the opening of the Sunny Bak “Boys and Dogs” exhibition. Sunny Bak is a world-renowned photographer who photographed the Beastie Boys during their “Licensed to Ill” tour. She also worked with Garrett Simmons on a book called “Pupple” which is a doggy parody of “People“.
Might as well JumpThe gallery was showing some of Sunny’s images of the Beastie Boys as well as some of her new images of dogs. The photos of the dogs were truly amazing. I have no idea how she got such crisp quality images of these mobile little mutts.  This is Ozzy the dog, dressed up like Ozzy Osborne.
 The dogs used in the photos shoots were at the gallery, and they were very much the stars of the show. Some of them were need of adoption, living in foster homes. Ginger the dog won this pretty lady Helen’s heart and she ended up keeping the dog for good.
Helen and Ginger
 The ultra cool thing about the Hold Up Art gallery is that it has 2 levels so there are actually 2 art shows going on at the same time. The other artist on display was simply named “Kraken”.Redemption Queen 4 color silkscreen print
 Kraken’s giclee reproductions, handmade silkscreen prints and drawings were beautiful and incredibly detailed. I was happy to be exposed to Kraken’s art as well.
 Hold Up Art is a cool place- 2 different art shows at one location, nice unpretentious people, open bar, great location, happy music. I will go back and look around again soon.
Hold Up Art –    358 E. 2nd Street       Los Angeles      90012
Sunny Bak “Boys & Dogs” October 8th– November 2nd
Kraken “Fantasmas” September 17th– October 20th
To help a doggy in need, go to:


Kraken silkscreen print on paper at Hold Up Art in Los Angeles Kraken silkscreen print on paper @ Hold Up Art Gallery Kraken silkscreen print on paper Kraken Silkscreen
"Repent" by Kraken 5 color silkscreen print on paper Red Haired girl by Kraken Inside the window of Hold Up Art                                                           
Jimmy Muffet in a hammock-  Sunny and the Barky Bunch Dog in Wig Ginger gives her best Elvis snarl

'80's Beastie Boys Clowning for Mad Dog  How cool would it be to have shoes with your very own photos on them? Beastie What

  K.P. pets Ginger  the art flanking the entrance of Hold Up Art  More art outside Hold Up Art 

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  1. helen djukic says:

    karen, how cool to read this again after nearly a year. My ginger was so little. Only 8 lbs then and had only been with me one month, now she’s 11 lbs and so confident. I love her so much. Of course “Disco Ginger” hangs in my living room. Thanks for your lovely story, photos and mentioning us.

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