The Future Is Analogue In Santa Monica

A new Lomography gallery store has popped up in Santa Monica and the Los Angeles Beat was there to check out the Thursday, October 7th grand opening.

The energy was festive at the Russian-themed event complete with buskers, Eastern-European eats, and endless bottles of Baltika and Ukrainian Obolon beer.  Sales associates were excited to showcase their products to the punters unfamiliar with the Lomography brand and those wanting to check out what new products Lomography has in stock.

Lomography is an Austrian-based, Russian-inspired photography trademark and growing community which celebrates analogue photography and their beautiful imperfections: vignettes, saturated colours, blurry images; all of which are nostalgic to those decades-old photographs your mother keeps tucked away in the attic.

This new Santa Monica location is the smaller and younger sibling to the massive two-story West Hollywood location.  It’s a place where like-minded people who are keeping the spirit of film alive congregate, and those wanting to learn about it come to discover.





Lomography’s most popular cameras, as well as their newest creations were all on display.  My personal favourites being their Diana Mini cameras, as well as their Fisheye No. 2, and L-CA+, though they have a wealth of other types of cameras, accessories, books, and matching fashions for Lomo-followers.

We encourage you to stop by their Santa Monica Promenade location to take advantage of all they have to offer, which range from workshops, outings, and meet-ups.  Keep that analogue spirit alive!





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  1. Lori Nyx Lori Nyx says:

    I would love to see an exhibit of photogs using these cameras…..perhaps the shop has links to images?

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