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Los Angeles, CA: On October 13th, 2011 street activist LEBA’s launches his public art project “PROJECT: REMEMBER, Giving the fallen soldiers of the Afghanistan war a voice” at the Downtown LA Art Walk. The project, created to raise awareness to and honor the lives of the US soldiers lost in Afghanistan, will launch during the evening hours as LEBA will lead five groups of volunteers to release approximately 1700 balloons, each lit and tagged with the name of a fallen solider, from the rooftops of downtown LA. The impressively sized project is aimed at raising public awareness of the lives lost at war, and also to encourage public action to support and in engage in raising a voice to aide in return of the troops still in Afghanistan.

In addition to the balloon launch, The Loft Salon will be hosting a fundraising art show in conjunction with the project to raise money for the wounded soldiers at the Santa Fe Lofts, 560 S. Main Street, in the heart of the Downtown LA Art Walk. The show, which will be ground zero for the evening, will feature prominent and up & coming street artists from the Los Angeles area and will run until 11:00pm the night of the project launch and is free to attend with art proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project. The free event is sponsored by LA CANVAS and Brave New Foundation and includes some of LA’s best and brightest from the street art scene including: LEBA, Destroy All Design, Mear One, Dog Byte, Gregory Siff, Desire Obtain Cherish, Mar, Zombie and John Carr of YO PEACE.

LEBA, one of LA’s most politically aware and responsible artists, states his concerns and why he was motivated to create PROJECT: REMEMBER, “It has taken 10 years, 1600 United States military dead, and over 1 million civilians killed, to kill one man, Osama Bin Laden. Now that we’ve got him, it’s time to heal our country. Let’s support our troops by bringing them home, to their families and lives, before we add one more balloon to the sky.”

For more information and environmental details on the PROJECT: REMEMBER or to schedule an interview with LEBA please contact: JB Jones at 323-369-8160 or

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  1. Mixtli says:

    Please do not!
    I find plastic litter from balloons all thorough the mountains and forests. This act would be adding plastic pollution to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, as well.

    Balloons do not disappear and go to heaven. This balloon release would be nothing more than littering our planet. Find another way please to honor soldiers!

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