Shweddy Balls

My more professional blogger friends are sniffing with distaste at TMZ’s shameless bid for advertising, shopping around naked pictures of Anthony Bourdain. I, on the other hand am jumping up and down like a contestant on The Price is Right, squealing. Yes! Send it to me! I will let you write TMZ across the photos. I will paint TMZ on the side of my car and I will tattoo TMZ on my butt. Send me Bourdain’s junk! While we only get a bit of sctrotum, we do get a bonus full view of chef butt.

I would have thought twice about this if Bourdain had been horrified and said, “Please, this is very upsetting to my family.” Instead, Bourdain said of the 1999 photos, “I look good! Nice tan. As I haven’t  seen the photos without the star, I can only hope the water wasn’t too cold that day.” NSFW after the jump.

Now pardon me while I mess around with the resizer.


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  1. Lori Nyx Lori Nyx says:

    SEE, a young girl’s dream does come true, Elise. Early Xmas prezzie for you!

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