Are You Matchy-Matchy?

Do you ever roll out of bed and get dressed without really paying too much attention? Then after your morning cup’ a Joe you get a glimpse of yourself as you’re walkiing by a window and you pretty much do a double take? What the what was I thinking this morning? Oh wait, I wasn’t!

Okay if it’s just been me that’s been a fashion disaster, I’m going to go cry right now.

I know there have been many times that I’ve dressed super idiotically, however I’ve been told once or twice that I know a thing or two about fashion and how to pair things together to create “outfits” if you will. I’m really not trying to toot my own horn here and obviously “fashion sense” is really in the eye of the beholder, BUT don’t take it from my words, watch my video on how to pair things together and avoid being bland or even worse… matchy-matchy! I hope it helps you out a bit, and if you know a thing or two, drop me a line and give me your secrets!


Libby Lu

About Libby Lu

Libby Lu is more of a Libby less of a Lu. She loves to have a joyful heart but isn't afraid to get saucy! Raised in the majestic Tizayuga,Hidalgo (yeah,say that five times) she definitely has Mexican pizzazz that on occasion will cause your nostrils to flair.. wink, wink. She loves God and loves her family and friends! One of her passions is making tutorial videos on youtube. Check her out at
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