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Homegirl Industries is an offshoot of Homeboy Industries, a non-profit that offers at-risk and formerly gang-involved youth an alternative. Their mission statement is, “Nothing stops a bullet like a job.” Whereas Homeboy Industries concentrates on running a bakery, Homegirl runs a cafe and provides catering services.

Homegirl Industries sells T-shirts, tote bags, and similar merchandise. It not only looks cool, but goes to a worthy cause. They even have cute little baby beanies. Though for me, the Homegirl products that are most appealing are edible (big surprise). For the holidays the shop sells succulent wreaths, ornaments, and planters, jams and preserves, Homegirl homemade granola by the pound, Homegirl’s house coffee by the pound, Homeboy’s Chips & Salsas, holiday gift baskets, and new holiday Homeboy Bakery Items.

I recently picked up a peppermint tea, some herbs and a fantastic guava jam, which is really hard to find if you don’t make it yourself. This year give a holiday gift that gives back.

Elise Thompson

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  1. Do not forget the HomeGirl Cafe []. I work downtown and we go there for lunch alot! They also have killer pastries…….yum yum! Have lunch while picking up some goodies!

  2. I’ll keep an eye out for the Homegirl goods. I was stoked to find out that my Ralph’s is carrying Homeboy Foods tortilla chips! đŸ˜€

  3. Homeboy Industries and Homegirl Cafe and Catering says:

    Thanks for the love!!!!

    At this time, the Homegirl products can be purchased at our cafe (located at 130 W. Bruno Ave. 90012) and at over 25 farmers markets we go to each week (

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