The Spa Less Traveled: Discovering Ethnic Los Angeles. One Massage at a Time.

What is the difference between Thai, Russian and and Korean Massage? What is Lomilomi anyways? 

Gail Herndon and Brenda Goldstein’s new book, The Spa less traveled: Discovering Etnic Los Angeles, One Massage at a Time clears all of that up for you and more, with clear chapters divided by country. Each of these chapter has information on methods, vocabulary, and a guide to local spas.

Being spa aficianados, we thought we knew every spa in LA.  but their thorough guide listed places large and small in every single LA neighborhood. The recommendations are based on the authors’ own anonymous visits to the spas. They even go so far as to discuss parking, tipping, and recommend neighborhood spots for a bite to eat.

The photography is beautiful and calming, making you want to immediately call each spa for an appointment. They even make little minimalls look inviting. The smooth, glossy softcover is also aesthetically pleasing, and would definitely make our gift guide. Especially since we have been passing it around the office and carrying it around in our cars hesitant to give it to the next person on our waiting list.

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