What’s a(n L) A Girl to Do?

Dear DL:

Ever since the Santa Anas, I have had horrible flyaway static-y hair. I hate it! Help! 


Electric Alice

Dear Alice,

I’m right there with you. There are many solutions to this lack of moisture in the air (see my previous post,) depending on where you are. First off, you need extra moisture in your hair, diet, and skin. If you don’t like fish oil, take your tablets at night before bed. I also take evening primrose and a combo oils tablet from Trader Joe’s. Still, that’s not enough to keep you a well-oiled machine. I’m a fan of argan oil which moisturizes my hair without making it stringy or greasy, but I don’t know what your hair type is. On the weekend I like to slather my hair in conditioner all day and just leave it there.

There are many creams and balms so experiment and carry them with you. What works just fine is hand cream. Yes! Just a dab. Any old brand will do. If you have a tube on your desk at work, apply after getting back from the ladies’ (or bring it with you) and smooth over your hair. I’m a big fan of all in one products. Boots Skin Balm is a good one.

You can also bring your brush with you, gently wet it, shake, and run lightly through your hair. But my secret weapon is dryer sheets! I love them. Keep some in your car so it will always smell good (Pops Lethal loved that one) and then you can bring one with you to get rid of static on your clothes and in your hair. They work like a charm.

I hope this helps!

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Donna Lethal

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  1. Donna Lethal Donna Lethal says:

    Note: my hairdresser friend tells me that static-y hair is “too clean,” (ahem) and that balms and oils aren’t good for thin, stringy, or hair prone to greasiness. He suggests a light spray.

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