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Donna Lethal is the author of "Milk of Amnesia" and writes for her own blog (Lethal Dose), Hair Hall of Fame, Dowager Quarterly, Find A Death, & the Valhalla Cemetery chapter in "Weird Hollywood." A native of Lowell, Mass., she's lived in Boston, NY and London before settling here. When not writing, she's hiking, soaking in a Korean salt room or in the high desert with her pit bull.

Dearly Departed Tours and Artifact Museum Moves to a Shiny New Space Across From The Hollywood Forever Cemetery

It’s one thing to read a book like “Hollywood Babylon” in the privacy of your own home and pore over the details of some dishy Hollywood tragedy, but to see it up close and in person and realize the human … Continue reading

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Richard Baker’s ‘Tonality’ at Skidmore Contemporary Art

Although perhaps best known as a Hollywood producer/manager, Richard Baker has been able to pursue his lifelong passion for painting evident in his latest exhibit, “Tonality.” A nod to the focus on his main motifs of form and color, Baker’s … Continue reading

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New Moon: Hang out in Venus Rx

Flake, flake, flake! What a frustrating few weeks leading up to Friday morning’s new moon in Leo. Big, bold, and, King of the Jungle, Leo (Mick Jagger), is appropriately ushered in by a meteor shower. With Venus retrograde (hello, old … Continue reading

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Priv Tones It Up in Malibu

On-demand beauty and wellness app PRIV hosted an aerobics fitness hour in Malibu on Friday. Led by Tone It Up Girls Karena and Katrina, we started with a cardio fit workout ending with a simple and relaxing yoga session on … Continue reading

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BeautyCon LA

This past Saturday, the biggest-yet BeautyCon Festival was held at the ReefLA downtown. In partnership with Cosmopolitan, Seventeen and Cosmo For Latina, the massive beauty-junkie heaven topped last year’s attendance-breaking records with hundreds of brands debuting new products and techniques, … Continue reading

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New Moon: Emotional Rescue

Oh, you crazy moon. Loony, lunatic, moon madness, your emotional sign in astrology, ruler of tides, werewolf-enabler. In July we’ve got Wednesday’s new moon sandwiched between two fulls – the second, a Blue Moon on the 31st. So what does … Continue reading

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Anatomy of an Insomniac

I have been an insomniac for years. Like an old lover I can’t quite hang up on, I have learned to live with it. When it goes I forget it was ever here, as I pass out in a coma-like … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s New Moon: Here Comes the Summer

Goodbye, Mercury Rx and all that came, upside down, with it. For reconnections and research, it was a doozy (wacky phone calls, texts, emails, anyone? iMessage bug?) as it takes its time leaving. On the bright side – and there … Continue reading

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Flower Moon: The Empress Glinda

Ahh and here it comes. For us, a little before 9:15 because we get things first out here. It really is called the Flower Moon, Milk Moon, Mother’s Moon, Corn Planting Moon and all those things that tell you the … Continue reading

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Shakin’ It with Joico

Joico launched their newest product, Hair Shake, at the District by Hannah An. Hosted by Dancing with the Stars’ Peta Murgratroyd (performing the Hair Shake Dance), Joico’s Celeb Hairstylist Paul Norton created looks on guests and gave pointers on how … Continue reading

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