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Dear DL,

My red lipstick is cracking and bleeding. What can I do for my winter lips?


Baby Jane


Dear Jane:

First, start with a gentle lip exfoliation. You can do this several ways: your toothbrush, lightly; your a washcloth or towel; sugar or baking soda. If you like to spend, you can purchase a lip exfoliant. There are several on the market. Next, coat your lips with a moisturizing, non-shiny balm. Kiss the back of your hand. (Or a tissue if you like to waste moisturizer.) To prevent bleed, use a concealer pencil or flesh-colored pencil around your cupid’s bow and strategic bleed-points. I also use concealer around the corners of my mouth. No, really. If you have a long night ahead of you, you can use a cream-based concealer on your lips, and blot again. Apply your lipstick, blot, powder (yes,) repeat. Gloss on top if you wish.

I don’t like long-wearings because while the color selection is fabulous, they dry the heck out of your lips, causing the cycle to repeat itself.

Nivea makes a nice plain balm but any will do as long as they are not shiny.

pic from my tumblr.

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