LA Beat Presents At The Redwood – Mecolodiacs, Warm Climate and Rat Soup – Sunday 2/26

The LA Beat is proud to announce the distinguished lineup for the latest in our series of free all-ages afternoon shows at the Redwood Bar & Gill coming up next Sunday, February 26. Every last Sunday of the month, we’ll be bringing you some of the bands we think you ought to get to know. Here’s what we have on tap this month:

6:00 pm: Mecolodiacs – Formed in 1993 after Steve Moss’ departure from the US forced the breakup of Universal Congress Of, guitarist Joe Baiza and bassist Rafa Gorodetsky have kept their unique brand of Meters-based funk filtered through their Ornette-informed theory of “mecolodics” – alive through two decades and a multitude of drummers (including, briefly, this writer), though current sticksman Wayne Griffin has been firmly in the chair since the late nineties. With the classic trio lineup expanded to a quartet for recent dates, with trumpeter Dan Clucas and star session keyboardist Dan McGough adding to the mayhem, expect a good time in which it won’t be entirely clear whether you need to free your mind so your ass can follow, or the other way around. We recommend freeing both, to make sure you don’t miss anything.

5:00 pm: Warm Climate – Seth Kasselman has been producing and performing music under the name Warm Climate since early in the millennium, but in the last two years, the group has taken on a more tactile form. At the Redwood last summer, Kasselman and drummer Caitlin Mitchell set up a compelling, hypnotic wave of psychedelia, dripping with a Barrett-like disregard for compositional form. But a listen through their recent catalog suggests that anything can happen, that angular riff-rock and twisted singer-songwriting may lie just around the corner. Would-be collectors had better prepare to invest in a couple of good cassette players, as much of the group’s output has surfaced on tape labels like Stunned, though enough of it has surfaced online for the curious to get a taste. Live performances aren’t exactly frequent – the band’s played in Scandinavia as often as California for the last year according to their Facebook page – so we’re more than pleased to have them.

4:00 pm: Rat Soup – Beat staffer James Elipolous brought these guys to our attention, a newly minted horn-topped quintet from behind the Orange Curtain. They’ll be making their Redwood debut and promise to set heads to bobbing in short order.

We look forward to a great afternoon of music from some singular Angelenos and hope you can join the party.

The Los Angeles Beat Presents At the Redwood Bar and Grill, 316 W 2nd St, Downtown LA. Free Admission, All Ages admitted. 4pm-7pm every last Sunday of the month.

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