Pork Belly Bao from The Flying Pig

As long as we are on this stroll through historic food trucks, we absolutely have to stop at the flying pig. They pioneered the use of a folded Chinese bun as a vehicle for gourmet goodies. I had only seen these buns once before, in Chinatown, used as a wrap for Peking Duck instead of the usual thin pancakes. Since then, I have seen both Wolfgang Puck and Iron Chef Matsuhisa make versions of the Flying Pig’s soft bao with pork belly. The bun was garnished with pickled cucumber, red onion escabeche, and “death sauce” which needs a new name because it’s not spicy at all; it’s more like hoison.

On this visit, besides the de rigeur pork belly buns, I also ordered a Tamarind Duck taco and a Smoked Chicken taco. The duck confit was delicious, with beets, radish sprouts, and the surprising brightness of a tiny tangerine slice. But the smoked chicken was unbelievable. The mango slaw and green curry aioli were a bit much, but the chicken itself was so flavorful, and the crunch of peanuts worked well. I’ll definitely have to check out The Flying Pig Cafe.

Elise Thompson

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