Not too late to go to Mass…

Have you been following the progress of the laboriously slow moving megalith that will become part of the artist, Michael Heizer’s Levitated Mass as it winds its way from Riverside to the L. A. County Museum of Art?  Even if you’ve been living under a 340-ton rock for the past week, there is still time to see the boulder secured to its red, super long transport at Gage Ave. and Figueroa (just north of Florence).  Things get rolling again at about 11pm tonight, if you are up for some late night rubbernecking. The transport will trundle up Figueroa, turn on West Adams, continue up Western to Wilshire Blvd., until FINALLY arriving at its new home around 4am, Saturday morning.

Click here to catch up on the route via Google and check out  LACMA’s blog for last minute looky-loo info. before you head over there.  Those who, like myself, are still puzzled why the space brothers didn’t just levitate the damned thing to the museum in the name of Art, may follow the action from a far via Twitter .

Photo courtesy of News Gaggle


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As a child, Lori Nyx always wanted to be a writer and an artist and that girl on the cover of the first Sabbath album. One out of three ain't bad! (Image courtesy of M. Randall 2010)
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