Beaches, Burgers and Beers: Hinano’s

Where Washington Blvd. turns into the Venice Pier about mid-way between The Shack and Big Dean’s, there is a small place called Hinano’s. It is a jewel in the crown of the culture and beach lifestyle for those fortunate enough to call it ‘home’. Hinano’s has been in operation since 1962. It has survived the ’60’s, ’70’s, ’80’s, and  ’90’s. It has survived riots, floods, and god knows what else Venice beach can dish out. There is sawdust on the floor. There are billard tables. There is and endless supply of fresh hot popcorn. There is a freezer with ice-coated pitchers and mugs to provide you with the coldest beers in town.

There are also the best $5+ dollar burgers you may ever have in your life. If you are not already a regular here you may very well become one. This place IS a living, breathing, and thriving part of Los Angeles history. It is impossible not to feel the good vibes here. ‘The Dude’ really likes the chili here and a double Hinano burger with grilled onions. It’s beer and wine only, but you really don’t need more from this establishment, and why would you? Do yourselves all a favor. Slide on into Hinano’s, and take a big juicy bite out of Venice Beach culture. Don’t bother to ask for fries, but you can ask to trade your Doritos for Fritos  like ‘The Dude’ always does. (They go much better with the chili). If you like quirky history you can look for the location where Jim Morrison carved his name in the building..Enjoy folks, ‘The Dude’ abides man..!!

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