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My gorgeous friend Rona has worked as an actress (in “Trog” with Joan Crawford!, as a model for Helmut Newton, and even as one of Benny Hill’s Angels-which was the hit story of the only birthday bash I ever threw.) Naturally, I have been after her for ages to be one of my LA Girls as she personifies what makes a woman beautiful. She’s hilarious, gorgeous, and healthy. I just love her to pieces and can’t wait for her blog.

10 Things (more or less)  that make Rona…Rona

Truth, is the most important thing to me…simply telling the truth. Being honest, hopefully without hurting feelings. My sister jokingly says I need an edit button, (and occasionally she’s right,) but she also knows I’ll always tell her and everyone I really care about how ( I feel) it is. I expect the same in return.

My first cup of coffee in the morning, while I check my emails and listen to the news. Peets French ground in my stainless steel Bodum coffee press (which keeps it hot much longer than a glass one,) with fat free Original Coffee Mate…Yummy.  I always save one cup, and drink it later with ice.

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day. I usually eat the same breakfast my Mom made for us as kids…muesli. I put together raw oatmeal with flax bran, a tiny packet of Trader Joe’s Go Raw trek mix (nuts and raisins,) blueberries, some other fruit banana or apple, and either nonfat organic or I just started using coconut milk, and I really like it.If I eat nothing else healthy all day… I’ve made a great start!

I started ballet class at five years old, so exercise has always been a very important part of my life. Almost everyday for the last ten years I have hiked the trails from Fryman Canyon in Studio City up into the hills. I prefer to go alone, because it’s my solitary time to think, to feel grateful for my life, and feel one with nature.

The most important product that I use on my face morning and night, is a white plastic bottle of Twin LabsNa -PCA. It’s a spray that looks and feels just like water (it can be used on plants!) that moisturizes the skin, and more importantly draws moisture in. I use it after cleaning my face and before I put on sunscreen or a light base. I‘ve used it for thirty years, and I’ve never  ever had dry skin even in the coldest windiest winter weather. It’s amazing, costs less than $10 and last for almost six months. I can’t praise it enough.

Laughter is right up there with honesty in my world. There is nothing more attractive to me than a person with a great sense of humor. There is no better feeling than laughing ‘til it hurts. I could never be with a man who didn’t crack me up…or who couldn’t laugh at himself. Laughter crosses borders, laughter makes everything feel better, laughter heals.

As we get older it’s harder to digest things, particularly proteins and carbs together or onions and garlic …or wheat or milk products. I found there is a very simple answer to this. Swallow the enzymes that do the work for you.

Years ago, I was told to take bromelian (a pineapple enzyme) to reduce swelling after some eye surgery, and I found that it also worked on my digestive system. So then I looked for and found digestive enzymes, and I was hooked. Now I’m lucky enough to get Digestazon from Amazon Herbs, which is made by my brother-in-law John Easterling. All his products come from the Amazonian rain forest, and I never leave home without them!

Unlike family, and I have four kids and an amazing family, I believe we have to earn our friends. I have ‘old’ friends the ones I’ve known most of my life, as well as more recent friendships that I value enormously. My very best friend from early childhood in England is still very much in my life. I know with all of them, no matter what…if I need them, they will be there for me, as I will be for them.

I was a successful model very young, and I worked a lot as an actress. I was very lucky. Work came to me…I really didn’t have the drive or ambition to go after it. However, twenty-five years ago I found what I really love to do… I love to write. I’ve recently finished my memoir …and I’m about to start my own blog.  It’s going to called ‘Out there with Rona’.

Last but far from least. Motorcycles. I was introduced to the incredible beauty of Northern California, Oregon and Washington State from the back of my ex-boyfriends motorcycle. To me there is nothing more exciting or exhilarating than riding through the changing temperatures of the country-side breathing in nature; wild sage by the roadside, pine trees on high mountain roads, or salty air from the waves crashing on beaches far below. Then nights spent in quaint motels in small towns in the middle of nowhere, playing pool in smoky bars, having dinner in a diner or talking to the colorful locals.

I miss it.

Biker Babe Rona.


Donna Lethal

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Donna Lethal is the author of "Milk of Amnesia" and writes for her own blog (Lethal Dose), Hair Hall of Fame, Dowager Quarterly, Find A Death, & the Valhalla Cemetery chapter in "Weird Hollywood." A native of Lowell, Mass., she's lived in Boston, NY and London before settling here. When not writing, she's hiking, soaking in a Korean salt room or in the high desert with her pit bull.
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7 Responses to LA Girl: Rona Newton-John

  1. I love Rona! She’s fabulous! Great piece!

  2. maria florio says:

    My darling friend Rona is an ‘innie-outtie’ beauty! Gorgeous, brilliant, witty, loyal…compassionate.
    What a joy to have her in my daily life!

  3. She is so cool

  4. Chris Perry says:

    Love Miss Rona, Always so sweet and super kind! Miss you R!

  5. Virginia says:

    Thanks 4 doing the great artical on Rona I have been a fan 4 many yrs I had the great pleasure of meeting her in Oct. at a small preview of Olivia’s new movie in Hollywwod last Oct. It was truly a great night 4 me a lot of icing on the cake, getting 2 meet her Sister was what that night was suppose 2 be about but I had no idea I would have the pleasant surprise of getting 2 meet her (Rona) also a few other people I have admired 4 so many yrs. I look forward 2 her blog & her new bk. My Best 2 Both of U hope U will keep us posted on her blog I will follow yours as I do Randy’s report =^}

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