Liquid Kitty Punk Rock BBQ: Glorious May Workers’ Edition

It’s that time again! Time for weary old punkers to shake the dust off their bones and rock out to some serious bands. This Sunday, May 20, come stuff your face with free hot dogs, and hey, if you’re lucky, The Dude may even be whipping up a special creation like his famous chili mac. The Glorious May Workers’ Revolution Edition boasts free admission and six badass bands. All drinks are doubles, and some of the cocktails come in pretty, pretty colors. Starts promptly at 1pm.

Thanks to Liquid Kitty for this rundown of the bands:

Barrio Tiger is a garage punk band from Echo Park…with a rep to protect for delivering blistering live shows. After the demise of his beloved Juvee skateshop, Calixto Hernandez was losing his mind. “There ain’t nothin’ to do!” he cried so he hunted down Jimmy James, former guitar slinger for kick ass rockers such as The Hangmen, The Comatones, and the Masons. Together they formed the nucleus of what would eventually become Barrio Tiger.

“Garage punk done right!” – Flipside
The Black Widows first got together over an hour ago. They wear black hoods to protect their severe identities. Their music is all instrumental, all original, and all evil. The Black Widows are cool and they don’t like you.  Dr. Vibe: Guitar, no vocals/ The Executioner: Drums, no vocals/ Count Funkula: Guitar, no vocals/ Pharoah Malo: Bass, no vocal

“The bastard offspring of The Ventures and Blue Oyster Cult”
– Dan Epstein, writer and genius

Lawndale’s musical palette is drenched with the surfy sounds of the West Coast instrumental groups that preceded it in the 60s, but transcends those sounds with subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) stains of county, psychedelic, jazz, metal, TV and movie soundtracks. Accoring to CMJ “Lawndale practices surf music of the grandest order, raising it to the level of high art.”

“Instrumental Gurus of the Church of the Electric Guitar”

Jazz Core Groove Funk from Joe Baiza, guitar (Saccharine Trust, Universal Congress Of); Ralph Gorodetsky, bass; Dan Clucas, trumpet; Wayne Griffin, drums. Baiza once again breaks impressively the boundaries of Jazz, liberating it from obsolete formalism. Think you don’t like jazz? You had better hear these guys before you end up sounding like an a**hole.

“This sprawling ensemble….generates a sprawling amalgam of jazz, funk, R&B and blues all knitted together with a punky starkness…” – Option
Three piece, all girl surf rock. …..and they’re from Pedro. It really dosen’t get cooler than this.

“They’re young, they’re girls, and they play amazing garage/surf without the slightest hint of contrivance or inauthentic schtick.  Do not miss BomBon” 
– Qualcuno che sa tutto

“’60s surf-inspired garage punk jams that ride the line between the charm of Beach Blanket Bingo and the soundtrack that might accompany Link Wray surfing on a coffin.”

Born in a hot room next to the docks in San Pedro, the Exxtras can only be described as exxcessive, exxuberant, and exxestential. An exxcellent vocal quartet with Bill Marks – bass (Swing Riots), Raenie Kane – drums, phil0 – guitar, Jack Brewer – guitar (Saccharine Trust)

“Pretty damn great stuff. Really. I mean, hey…I really like them and they totally will like them too…OK?”
– That Guy With Great Taste

Elise Thompson

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Born and raised in the great city of Los Angeles, this food, culture and music-loving punk rock angeleno wants to turn you on to all that is funky, delicious and weird in the city. While Elise holds down the fort, her adventurous alter ego Kiki Maraschino is known to roam the country in search of catfish.
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