Ms. Bettie’s Wrong Advice: Force A Relationship

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He has said he doesn’t want a relationship, but who’s listening? Not you!

I get it.

Being in a relationship is hard. No need to make it harder by heeding the anti-commitment desires of the guy you’re trying to be in love with, right?

I so much rather prefered to use my imagination than live in his reality. I loved to stare into his eyes and imagine what our two kids would look like. I loved to caress his strapping arms and imagine them wrapped around me each night in our California King with fifty-million thread-count sheets. I loved to wrap my legs around his and imagine, well, imagine his legs wrapped around mine.

Who doesn’t love this?

Quite frankly, you have goals, so who has time to listen to him say things like, “Listen, you’re reeeaaally cool and I like wrapping my legs around you, but I really don’t want a relationship”. Blech. BORING!

The Brown Betties Guide: Tip #2 Force A Relationship
So go ahead; you do YOU. Ask him out repeatedly, and when you’re finally out together, definitely show him a picture of your wedding dress. You fought for this time. Use it wisely. Whatever you do, Do NOT Relent. Victory (read: “A Relationship”) will be yours!

Good luck!


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  1. Team Afro says:

    Who doesn’t love a good piece of satire! Hopefully people will take the hint.

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