Ms. Bettie’s Wrong Advice: Call Him. A Lot.

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You can’t breeeaaathe without yummy, romantic phone conversations to solidify your relationship, right? Right.

I get it.

You know, a phone call can be a beautiful thing…especially when it goes as planned. I used to plan my calls. I’d plan the perfect phone call outfit: perhaps leggings and a summery, flowing top that would facilitate lounging on the couch for a lengthy, dreamy conversation. I’d plan the perfect time: 6:35ish…just after work, but before the gym, and early enough to possibly make plans for that very same evening. I’d plan the perfect place: if I wasn’t at home, I’d choose some place quiet and calming, like under my desk.

Who doesn’t do this??

Since you’ve put so much effort into the call, who the hell can take it when he doesn’t pick up?! Not you!

The Brown Betties Guide: Tip #3 Call Him. A Lot.

Most definitely call him again, and again, and again and yes, AGAIN until he picks up! You’ve earned the right to hear his beautiful voice. FYI, it is perfectly okay if you are super pissed-off when he does finally call you back. Your anger will show him how much you really care.

Good luck!


Ms. Bettie

Ms Bettie

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