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Ms Bettie’s Wrong Advice: Change Yourself!

You want him to like you. But the like ain’t movin’ too quickly, so you decide to make a change: Yourself. I get it. Relationships are so freakin’ hard. I figured I’d make ’em easier by just being, oohhh, something … Continue reading

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Ms. Bettie’s Wrong Advice: Call Him. A Lot.

You can’t breeeaaathe without yummy, romantic phone conversations to solidify your relationship, right? Right. I get it. You know, a phone call can be a beautiful thing…especially when it goes as planned. I used to plan my calls. I’d plan the perfect phone call … Continue reading

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Ms. Bettie’s Wrong Advice: Force A Relationship

He has said he doesn’t want a relationship, but who’s listening? Not you! I get it. Being in a relationship is hard. No need to make it harder by heeding the anti-commitment desires of the guy you’re trying to be in … Continue reading

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