Presenting our first LA Man: Laurent!

I cannot live without Laurent. He makes my shopping at Larchmont Beauty more than just shopping. In fact, he changed my entire skin care routine by introducing my skin to oils. This is a man that knows skin, beauty, and well-being…and he will tell you. Some people don’t like that, but I am someone who loves directness. We connected instantly, so it was a natural that he would be my first LA Man. (Not that way! So many said, “Sure, I’d love to!” and not one actually followed through…you know who you are! Why are men so afraid to speak openly of their grooming? What is it?)

Born and raised in Paris, Laurent has worked in the beauty business in the US and Europe for over 20 years. Naturally I wanted him to tell what he doesn’t like as well! In his own words:

Here are few things and comments I can or can not live with or without; there is no order, I write them down as they come:

  • Socks that don’t match the shoes color, with black shoes, it is black socks, brown shoes, brown socks.
  • Big no-no: tennis socks with sandals!
  • Always exfoliate before shaving. It prevents ingrown hair.
  • No black shoes with navy suit. Dark brown shoes appropriate with dark brown belt.
  • Men wearing earrings after 30, another no-no.
  • If wearing open shoes, need a perfect pedicure. Can’t stand nails scratching the pavement as they walk! Simply disgusting!
  • Eye wear: need to be coordinated with outfit; Oakley sunglasses with a suit is another no-no.

Things I can not live without:

Donna Lethal

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  1. Erin Fleming says:

    My favorite “Laurent-ism” always makes me giggle even when I expect to hear it… “Darling, please misbehave!” as he exits the room! <3

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